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Suck it up

Martha Stewart advise the American citizen to “SUCK IT UP,” when your taxes are raised up when you go over the limit of..$250,00.00 or is it $200,00.00 or is it $150,00.00 or $120,00.000…too many flip flopping, it is so confusing.  So vote for Obama means for us small people who succeed in earning above those mentioned above, we will just have to suck it up and bear it whilst Obama and his people line up their pockets and distribute our hard earn money to others (welfare) who sits on their butt and complain.

Please watch what she has to say..very interesting

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Obama+your money+lies+Socialism=bankruptcy and debt

This is the way our opponents operate now. Destroy anyone who stands in your way. Humiliate them. Make sure that anyone else who ever wants to skeptically question Barack Obama knows that every last bit of their dirty laundry will be aired for all the world to see. Bristol Palin, Trig Palin, — hey, it’s all fair game. They’ve got to make an example of them. Show them that this sort of dangerous speech won’t be allowed in the New America.

At what point is a Question not dangerous to the teleprompter talking candidate? 

THE CHANGE that the Democrats’ supporters truely and dearly believe in:-

1. The truth be damned.

2. Honesty went down the plumbing drain

3. Qualification to be a Vice President of the Greatest Country in world  – Abortion.

4.  Anyone  not supporting the Democrats teleprompter talk -total public annilation.

5. Let Congress, Pelosi and Reid make up laws against something they themselves will rightfully carry out.

6. Make excuses for anything that show them in a bad light

7. Do whatever pleases them under guise of a welfare system.

8. Squash up every information that unveil their actions and turn it around so somebody else look bad.

9. Sit down for a tea party with terrorist leaders and have a chit chat  about God knows what.

10. Only be patriotic when it is necessay including  not honoring the flag.

11. When the thruth is subjected to scrutity, go on pulic T.V and say “I did not have sex with that woman.”

12. The best part of all is we the people will have to watch at the side lines, (with our lips sealed) and watch the CHosen One and Congress GYRATE to the beat and sermons of REV.WRIGHT damning America!!!!!”

Again, may God have mercy on our soul,  for those of us who do not abide by these rules of the new order of CHANGE

Yes, suppoters of the CHOSEN ONE, do CRY your eyelashes out for, CHANGE that you can believe in  that just demolished all the “JOE  THE PLUMBER” of this supposedly great nation.

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 Far left wastes no time in going after Joe the plumber!

This is suppose to be a Democratic Country, endowed with inalienable rights.. BUTbecause of the slippery tongue of Obama (no teleprompter) he took away that right even before he  has the right to be sitting in the White House. He went into Joe the Plumbers tuft to tell Joe to vote for Barack (remember Barack has the power to give you an Epiphany at his choosing, so

“‘that a light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany, and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Barrack.” spoken by the Democratic Obama.


What is the fear among the Democrats of this man? His only crime is to ask A QUESTION. So this must be how it will be when Obama gets into power. Citizen of America, I appeal to your deepest sense of justice, that should you vote for this man PLEASE, PLEASE…DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT ask any questions if you DON”T want your life turn upside down and dissected to the core of your very existence!!!

If you have a thinking skill and have doubts about where YOUR Hard Earn  money is going, please suppress it into kingdom come but happily watch your earnings spread around to the people(sloth) sitting on their behind doing nothing but wait for you to earn as much money as possible so they can share your earnings.

 Joe is being crucified because he ask a perfectly normal question and unveil the truth.  This is a fear factor similar to what terrorist train their followers. Democrats under the leadership of Obama will destroy you  in order that the rest of the citizen will be so fearful as never to ask any intelligent questions.

Democrats under the leadership of Obama will enjoy tyranny,socialism,communism and so forth and so forth. It is in their blood and mindset. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be recreated so that they can overflow  their pockets with all the extra earnings of the citizen without question. Whilst they and the welfare recipient  enjoy the thousand dollars of spa, haircut and womanising treatment and laughing all the way to the bank, the citizen of this Once Great Nation will have to work to their bones.

So supporters of Obama, if this is the lifestyle CHANGE you people so badly need, then you all better gather everyone to vote for your Chosen One because if you don’t, all of you will cry your eyelashes out! And should any of you are thinking of standing as a VP and you are a woman, please, MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE AN ABORTION as this, according to the Democrats is the top QUALIFICATION.

ALSO make sure to have Rev. Jeremiah Wright spew “Damn America” over the airways 24/7. So all of you and your Leaders in Congress can gyrate with him as he damned your very existence.

For the rest of us May God save us and have mercy on our soul, if we refuse to abide by these rules. 

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