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A great video from SarahPac. This might even make Chris Matthew’s leg tingle?

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I thought this was so ridiculous if it were true. I found this being emailed round the world. People can come up with such weired ideas. It is funny so , thus it is posted. Decide for yourself and come to your own conclusion…Obama(santa claus0 is coming to town!!!!!



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At any given time, I will take without a doubt, 18 months as an accomplished Governor over 143 days as a Senator. If you take the time to watch the news on TV,there is no choice but to listen to Obama AD nauseam reciting his scripts with the aid of a teleprompter. Gov. Sarah Palin can wax eloquence extemporaneously with neither a pause nor a stutter of any kind. Plus, she speaks the language people can understand..Joe sixpack-etc.

The gotcha interviews with Gibson and Couric were simply pathetic and dismissive. Their main purpose was to agitate and annoy her with questions they wouldn’t even have the guts to ask Obama or Biden. It was meant to be manipulative and insincere, just so to make themselves look good and Palin bad. Journalism as it should be didn’t exist in their books. How cruel. Gov. Palin interview with Sean Hannity was longer and with intelligent and appropriate questions. It went without a hitch.

Now back to experience:-A Question

-Who was less than 45,

-had many children,

-was an outdoor enthusiast and hunter

-a conservationist

-a strong supporter of the military

-and became the governor and Vice President.

Of course, it was Teddy Roosevelt. His bully style was as unique to him as Sarah’s style is unique to her. Teddy brought  a brash freshness to Washington as Sarah has brought to her campaign. It is my sincere HOPE that history will repeat itself. It is what we need during this time of trial  for all concerned citizen. What better way than to have a woman at the head, bringing all the virtues, strenght and attributes that only a woman can provide.


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