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I want you to take a look at: “Undefeated”: Why I Refuse To Defend Sarah Palin…


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This is a woman who in her short time in the public eye made a huge impact and effect on quite  a lot of people. Because the other side felt so threatened by her they sliced and diced her mere existence to the core. The media facbricated so much lies into the air waves that most people who had an epiphany from Obama and already dumb, top it up with more lies because of their ignorance and laziness to be more informed of the candidates that they should have as their POTUS. It is one of the most imcomprehensible thing done by the media. But of course Obama made sure to buy most of the media (idiots as they are) and publised whatever seem fit just so this woman can be destroyed. Journalism, as it was meant to be died during the last election.

Fear of her put so much stressed for both Parties that the truth about her true abilities didn’t make it to the front door of anything!  The majority of the citizen of America have become  much less informed about what is going on in the political scene than the third world countries. They knew much more of what was going on than the DemocRATS voters ever did. It angers me to be informed  of how stupid and ignorant we are, the  citizen of the mightiest country in the world .

Back to Sarah,…she endured much but she also made it known that she can be a force to be reckon with and that is something no one can take away from her and the huge following that is growing daily to support her in anyway they can.


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