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I want you to take a look at: “Undefeated”: Why I Refuse To Defend Sarah Palin…

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Msnbc   missed this one. I suppose they will miss fabricating something out of this too. Wake up msnbc, this is too juicy for you to miss.

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A great video from SarahPac. This might even make Chris Matthew’s leg tingle?

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The  establishment fears Anwar’s impact as an inspiration and figurehead of  the Opposition. Surround  him with as much tawdry drama as possible, and the Malaysian public  will grow sick of even the mention of his name.

By Leading Malaysian Neocon

Ordinary  Malaysians are getting fed up of all the sex allegations against Anwar  Ibrahim. This strikes a chord with me – it reminds me of a parallel  situation that has been unfolding in the USA.

The Big Government article ‘MSM Uses Palin’s Own Children as Political Weapons Against Her’ (http://biggovernment.com/jjmnolte/2011/05/07/msm-uses-palins-own-children-as-political-weapons-against-her/) describes how the liberal-dominated mainstream media in America constantly shines a sickly spotlight on Sarah Palin.

The  MSM parades, mocks and lambasts every minute detail that is even  remotely connected to Palin, including the personal lives of her  children.

The reason for this constant noise, according to the article, is that U.S. Democrats and their allies fear the impact  she has on the political scene – even as they belittle her as wholly inconsequential and not worth a second thought.

After  all, Palin turned Obama’s 2008 impending landslide against McCain into a  mere majority of votes. She has made Senators, Congresspersons and  Governors out of underdogs by endorsing them in the 2010 U.S. elections.  With just a Facebook posting criticizing Obama’s policies, she has gotten the U.S. President and Robert  Gibbs leaping to respond – on national TV, no less.

If you thought the exact opposite of Sarah Palin, then Congratulations! You’ve  been dutifully following the MSM. According to them, Palin is just a  retro-hairstyled bimbo who sees Russia from her house and thinks North  and South Korea are the same. (Recently, our own local MSM pundits have  not been innocent of this either – you know who you are.)

Surround   her with as much triviality as possible, and the American public will  grow sick of even the mention of her name. They will think of her only  as a joke. “Sarah Palin? That airhead? You can’t be serious!” Soon even the world’s public ends up laughing about her.

This strikes me as exactly what is being done to Anwar Ibrahim.

The  establishment fears Anwar’s impact as an inspiration and figurehead of  the Opposition – if not the de facto leader – even as they portray him  as a sidelined, has-been, depraved lackey of America and Israel.

Surround  him with as much tawdry drama as possible, and the Malaysian public  will grow sick of even the mention of his name. They will equate him  only with dirty jokes. “Anwar Ibrahim? Maybe he can still win the next  election if he suddenly comes from behind, ha ha ha!” Soon even the world’s public ends up laughing about him.

Just  try this experiment out: Ask the next armchair pundit you meet if they  know what Anwar Ibrahim’s economic, social and governance  recommendations for the country are. The sex allegations have so  permeated the atmosphere around Anwar that they have crowded out any  serious discussion about him as a real political leader.

That  is why sex videos featuring men who look nothing like Anwar are being  bandied about. Who cares if no one is convinced it is really him caught  on tape, as long as they keep talking about it and nothing else!  Tomorrow another ‘whistleblowing insider’ could even release a sex tape  featuring only women, and still claim it features Anwar Ibrahim!

The late community organizer Saul Alinsky is a major influence on Barack Obama’s philosophy. In Saul Alinsky’s book Rules For Radicals, Rule 12 describes how to delegitimize an opponent: Pick  the target, freeze it,  personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and  isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions;  people hurt faster than institutions.

You tell me if this does not describe exactly what is being done to Anwar Ibrahim now.

Malaysia  has truly ‘matured’ politically if we are using underhanded tactics on  par with the experienced Americans. Sadly, this is not something to be  proud  of.

‘Leading Malaysian Neocon’

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The publication of the findings of the president’s National Commission on
Fiscal Responsibility and Reform was indeed, as the report was titled, “A Moment
of Truth.” The report shows we’re much closer to the budgetary breaking point
than previously assumed. The Medicare Trust Fund will be insolvent by 2017. As
early as 2025, federal revenue will barely be enough to pay for Social Security,
Medicare, Medicaid and interest on our national debt. With spending structurally
outpacing revenue, something clearly needs to be done to avert national


Speaking with WSJ’s Jerry Seib, Congressman Paul Ryan (R,
WI) insisted that the deal between Republicans and the White House on the Bush
Tax Cuts was not a second stimulus and that the agreement would promote growth
despite adding to the deficit. Read more here

The commission itself calculates that, even if all of its recommendations are
implemented, the federal budget will continue to balloon—to an estimated $5
trillion in 2020, from an already unprecedented $3.5 trillion today. The
commission makes only a limited effort to cut spending below the current trend
set by the Obama administration.


Among the few areas of spending it does single out for cuts is defense—the
one area where we shouldn’t be cutting corners at a time of war. Worst of all,
the commission’s proposals institutionalize the current administration’s new big
spending commitments, including ObamaCare. Not only does it leave ObamaCare
intact, but its proposals would lead to a public option being introduced by the
backdoor, with the chairmen’s report suggesting a second look at a
government-run health-care program if costs continue to soar.

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May 03, 2010

Sarah Palin Is on a Roll

By Ted Belman

// //
Since resigning from her governorship last July, Sarah Palin hasn’t made a false move. This is surprising for someone who is more passionate than cautious and one reputed to be…well, you know, a dummy.

Her book tour went exceedingly well. She has received thousands of invitations to speak, notwithstanding her $100,000 price tag. She continues to raise huge sums of money for her sponsors and draw sellout crowds. Her policy announcements have been spot-on, whether delivered in her speeches, interviews, or Facebook posts.

Because of her charge of “death panels” to decry Obamacare, she more than anyone is responsible for the overwhelming majority now opposed to the law. Although Obama’s supporters denied such “death panels” at first, many experts now openly admit to them.

In foreign affairs, she coined the Obama Doctrine as “coddling your enemies and alienating your friends.” This characterization is now commonplace. Palin also decried Obama’s statement that the U.S. would not retaliate with nuclear weapons if it were attacked by WMDs and suggested that the U.S. was asking to be hit. Obama, in his non-response, replied with “I really have no response to that. The last I checked, Sarah Palin is not much of an expert on nuclear issues.” And “What I would say to them is, is that if the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff are comfortable with it, I’m probably going to take my advice from them and not from Sarah Palin.” Palin came back, quick as a flash, sarcastically honoring “the vast nuclear experience that he acquired as a community organizer, part-time senator, and full-time candidate.” Within hours, Obama was retracting his original statement.

Finally, Palin has come down squarely on the side of Israel, Israel’s right to expand, and a united Jerusalem. She fully supports Israel’s right to self-defense and said that we shouldn’t be second-guessing her. Such policies are the polar opposite of what Obama is pushing for, and the former enjoy the support of a large majority of Americans. 

Palin’s energy policy of “Drill, Baby, Drill” and “all of the above” also has broad support. She was the first to attack Obama’s proposed drilling legislation that she characterized as “Stall, Baby, Stall.” This support is rapidly decreasing in the wake of the disastrous explosion or malfunction of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, which promises a looming environmental disaster for America’s southern coastline. But Palin is sticking to her guns, if you’ll pardon the expression. She didn’t retreat. She reloaded and reaffirmed her support for drilling despite the risks. Sarah Palin lived through the Exxon-Valdez disaster that devastated her home state of Alaska. As fate would have it, she was responsible for finally bringing Exxon to judgment when she was governor after a twenty-year battle. So she knows the devastation firsthand and will do everything she can to minimize the risk. But still, she wants to “Drill baby drill.”

A recent Gallup Poll showed for the first time that more people think that abortion should be illegal under all circumstances than legal under all circumstances. This can be due only to Palin’s unapologetic pro-life stance.

Ever since the presidential election campaign, Palin has been advocating lower taxes, as opposed to higher spending, as the path to job growth. According to a recent Rasmussen Poll, Americans agree with her by a margin of 2:1.

Arizona just passed a controversial immigration law. Obama attacked the new law and called on blacks and Latinos to get out the vote. Sarah Palin, in a recent interview with Sean Hannity, came out in full support of the new law and attacked Obama for not fulfilling the federal responsibility of protecting U.S. borders. She also attacked him for racist comments he had made pitting Latinos and blacks against other Americans. In the interview, Palin effectively contrasted his remarks with her calls to all Americans to solve their problems together. Once again, polls show overwhelming support for the new law.

During the debate on financial reform, Palin came out against institutionalizing “crony capitalism.” When Obama said America is a military superpower “whether we like it or not,” Palin said she was taken aback by his comment. She said, “I would hope that our leaders in Washington, D.C. understand we like to be a dominant superpower. … I don’t understand a worldview where we have to question whether we like it or not that America is powerful.” These positions were well-received.

When Rev. Franklin Graham was disinvited from the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer services for having made politically incorrect attacks against Islam, Sarah Palin was the first, and maybe only, political leader who came out in support of him. She is not a slave to PC and will not mince words when placing blame, just like Graham didn’t. Palin will fight to restore and protect freedom of speech. Americans appreciate this, as they desperately need to be able to candidly criticize any ideology they consider harmful or inferior. 

Many of her detractors cite negative polling numbers to discredit her. They should be ignored Public Policy Polling found in a poll reported on April 15 that
Sarah Palin now lags Obama only 45-47 after showing deficits of eight or seven points in each of the last three months. Both Obama and Palin have increased their base support, but Palin now trails Obama among independents 39-46 versus 35-49 in March.
As this poll demonstrates, Palin is quickly gaining support among independents. Give her another three months, and she will be leading Obama. And do not forget the growing enthusiasm gap as reported by Politics Daily:
While voters are about evenly split about whether they support the Democrat or Republican in this year’s congressional elections, the Republicans have opened up a 20 point “enthusiasm gap” when it comes to how eager they are to go to the polls, according to Gallup’s daily tracking polls conducted between April 1-25.
This growing gap is due to the Palin factor. She energizes her base as no other today can.

The left has done its best to demonize, ridicule, and reduce her, to no avail. The more that fair-minded Americans hear her, the more they are drawn to her. They no longer listen to Obama, but they do listen to her.

Not only are Americans embracing her message, but so are Europeans,

The leader of the Conservative Party in Britain, David Cameron, won the third debate, by all accounts, in the leadup to the British Parliamentary elections. The reason, according to one pundit, was that Cameron went “Palin” and not “Frum.”
There were no mentions of worthy ‘Big Society’ concepts, no vacuous ‘vote blue, go green’ slogans. Time worn, winning Tory messages were pitched; tougher immigration rules, tackling welfare dependency, lower business taxes, sound money and smaller government. Result? Clear win for the Tory leader.
Cameron also supports Israel and favors Britain withdrawing from the EU.

During the next six months, Palin will continue making speeches and supporting candidates of her choice. She will be coming out with a book on policy in the fall and will do another book signing tour. Then she will be off to Europe to visit with political leaders and stir up the people. I predict that huge crowds will embrace her and her message. No doubt, she will also visit Israel with her entire family, where they will be mobbed. It will be a media feeding frenzy.

A strong embrace in Europe and Israel will give her an enormous boost in America.

Ted Belman is the editor of Israpundit.

Sarah Palin Is on a Roll.



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Be afraid, be very afraid….


How Barack Obama Is Paving The Way for A Palin Presidency


01/25/2010 07:22

It does not take a pollster, partisan or psychic to see a harbinger of things to come in Massachusetts voters’ choice of a Republican to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. If Barack Obama’s next three years in the White House are anything like his first, he will surely be a one-term president.

And for black America, that’s the good news.

Because if history is any guide, the truly awful news is that the smart money is on Sarah Palin to replace Obama in the White House.

Foreshadowing a Palin presidency is a perfect, gathering storm of economics, politics and tribalism, which is not to suggest that Obama is an innocent bystander in his reversal of fortune. It is certainly true that he inherited a capsized economy. But his administration has done little to right the ship. And no president can survive double-digit unemployment and 30,000 foreclosures a month for long.

Read the whole story here……

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