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I am an independent thinker and will vote for the best candidate regardless of their party affiliation, race, color or gender. In all sincerity May The Best Man Win!

I have compared Barack Obama’s experience with that of John McCain’s, their policies, their stand on issues and have decided to support McCain/Palin ticket.

I am insulted at being called a racist for this decision. I have great respect for Barack as a person on a surface level. When I dig deeper into his character, the unanswered questions about his “shady” associations and his flip flopping views, it diminishes the confidence that he will be the best candidate. It is also troubling that after all this time his wife, Michelle just became patriotic. I would be very happy to have a Black President in my lifetime; however, I want a black president with more experience, more patriotism and very much less character drawbacks than Obama.

The question is, “When did facts and genuine fear become considered racist ignorance?” Fear is not ignorance when it is based on facts. Let me ask another question, “Would you jump out of an airplane with no parachute at 10,00.00 feet to prove you are not fearful and not ignorant?” It is not ignorant racists when we look at the two candidates’ records and character and decide to vote for John McCain. He (McCain) is not an ignorant racist when he finds flaws in the opposing candidate who just happens to be black, even though the liberal elitists will have you think that.

It is not shameful to say that I am fearful of an Obama Presidency. I fear because he lacks tested experiences. On the economy, I fear that he will put this country into a downward spiral that is impossible to get out of. I fear that his lack of experience on the world stage and his eagerness to apologize to the world for an imperfect America (his speech in Germany a few months back) will greatly undermine the s of this great country of ours. I fear that his lack of judgement when it comes to picking friends and advisers in the past would mean that under his presidency I have to wonder when I wake up everyday if I still have my American FREEDOMS.

It is my hope that the people of America vote with integrity in this presidential election. It is my hope that as a wise nation, we don’t pick black, young,cool.different and vague change over our underlying American principles of strength, experience and character, which have kept this great country of ours together for hundreds of years

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