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Hi everyone!
It would appear at 10.m. Eastern Standard Time in  the U.S. that we have the ass clown Obama as the new president. 
Obama had put enough pixie dust on a majority of American zombies to vote him in as the president. 
The hatred for Bush was too much for McCain to overcome.  Hell! If the Democrats had put Osama bin Laden as their candidate, according to the polling trends we are seeing tonight, they would have still won.
So, we here in the US have to put up with this  clown for the next 4 years.
Anyway, there is a bright side to it:  Lord Obama the Messiah would soon have the US economy booming, ceasefire will be called on all war fronts around the world, the Arabs and the Jews will kiss and make up, Iran will channel their nuclear reactors purely for power generation, he will find a cure for cancer and aids, and Americans will be loved by the rest of the world, and the streets of America will be flowing with milk and honey…. 


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Cry your eyelashes out Obama supporters, dance to the  tune of God Damn America with Rev. Wright and don’t forget to have an abortion to qualify yourselves to be a VP. Get ready for higher taxes so  you can just “SUCK IT UP”  share and sacrifice all the extra income that will be taken away from you by Your Commander in Redistribution?

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