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By Debbie Schlussel

 A couple of videos that reflect what you can get away with if you are a member of liberal Hollywood and the media. If you listen closely, lesbian druggie movie star Lindsay Lohan is really excited over our “first colored President.” I hear she picked that lingo up at the White’s only lunch counter at Kresge’s. Oh, and part of the reason you can’t hear it that well is that it appears that “Access Hollywood” tried to edit that, um, racist reference out, but she talks so quickly they couldn’t quite scrub it completely:


Then, there’s CNN’s Rick Sanchez who “welcomes you Black to CNN”: Now, remember, if Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh had said either of these things, it would be off with their heads.

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Since Jesse Jackson’s behind the scenes comments about Obama, there have been questions among African Americans about Obama’s dedication to issues affecting the black community. These clips are from Obama’s answer to a question at a town hall meeting regarding this topic. The full video is posted elsewhere on youtube.

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The Marxist media, looking for blood ,are dissecting this woman whose only crime (?) is vying for the Vice Presidency of the United States of America.

1. The media is degrading her to the core. Why, because they have no life of their own.

2.  Hollywood BOTOX mouth are spewing so much untruth about her; WHY..because they are full of envy because it is not them standing for the Vice Presidency. Their judgements are all base on scripts from “Saturday Night Life”  and formed in their own cocooned fried brains. Only good for following scripts.

3.  The supporters of Obama vomit indecency, stooping as low as they possibly can to weave stories about Sarah accordingly to their whim’s and fancies, disregarding the facts.  Why..because these are the Jay Walkers nincompoops parading the streets for some sense of approval.

4.  Degrading her  pregnant daughter and building up such horrible stories about her ..WHY.. is this the first time a pregnant teenager has ever  been  recorded in the history of the world..? How many of you out there have made a girl pregnant or have been pregnant BUT got an abortion (a qualification that the Democrat woman deem necessary to be the Vice President of the USA),…..WHY…because the democrats are trying to hide their own ugly mistakes and covering it up under the guise of other peoples miseries!!!! They feel so miserable about themselves and take cover by fabricating stories in a most deplorable way. This, naturally boost their egos and make them feel rather good about themselves. IDIOTS!

5,  Sarah Palin have been put into so much unfair scrutiny that is unheard of. Name calling to the lowest of human terms. BUT should others try and tell the truth about the Democratic Candidate,namely Obama, even the fire of hell cannot stop the Democratic supporters of crying ,kicking and yelling that it is unfair and untrue even if the real truth is in front of them. Gross, that they can deny something real and make it look like it is weave out of context…WHY… their brains must be really deep fried, no thinking capacity, fill with guilt of the highest order, their bones and atoms in their body  are permeated with overflowing envy and jealousies that they cannot control themselves.

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