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 I was part of the Christian minority in a Muslim country and treated as a second-class citizen. My children could not get placement in universities and they could not get government jobs because those were reserved for the Muslim elite.
So I came to this country to avoid further erosion of my rights and ill-treatment and persecution by the ruling Muslim fanatics.
Having lived in their midst for nearly 30 years I know the mindset of the Muslims.
There are some who are exceptionally good, God-fearing and peace loving Muslims who harbor no ill-will towards people of a different faith.
Then there are more who subscribe to the militant fundamentalist doctrine that looks upon non-Muslims as infidels who, if they refuse to be converted to the Islamic faith, should be destroyed.
Finally, there is the vast majority who do not embrace the radical militant Islamic credo, but who because of their silence and mute indifference and apathy, give tacit approval to the fanatical
Imams  who stoke hatred and violence and exhort their followers to exterminate the infidel “dogs”, “pigs”, and “monkeys” which is how they refer to the Kuffar or non-Muslims.
Barrack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, even though he has recently found it expedient to drop his middle name and claims to now profess the Christian faith. Obama was born a Muslim.  His father was a Muslim. His step father is a Muslim. As a boy, he was brought up as a Muslim and had part of his earlier education in an Islamic school. In Islam, once you are born a Muslim, you remain a Muslim. You do not convert to a different faith under threat of death.
Growing up in Hawaii, he came under the influence and tutelage of Frank Davis, an avowed Communist.
Obama tells us how after his arrival in Chicago he was mentored by
Jeremiah Wright, the rabid, anti-American pastor.
Among his other friends and mentors were William Ayers, the domestic terrorist,
Tony Rezko, who had links to terrorist financing, Louis Farrakhan, the wacky, anti-Jewish, anti-White bigot.
His candidacy is endorsed by Hamas, the Castro brothers and other noted anti-American Marxists and terrorists around the world.
With such a coterie of anti-American mentors, friends and supporters, is it any wonder that he is squeamish about wearing an
American flag pin on his lapel and has qualms about placing his hand over his heart when the Star Spangled Banner is sung or the Pledge of Allegiance is recited?
And you want me to vote for this quisling?
I did not migrate to this country to help put a closet Muslim in the White House.

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