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Four years ago the media went nuts when George W. Bush spent an “obscene” amount of money “during tough economic times” and pretty much crucified him for the event. The price tag: $43-million.

On Tuesday B. Hussein will celebrate his coronation. The price tag: $160-million. Of course, the media is all a-buzz about the extravaganza and not a word can I find – in print, or on the TV and radio – about how much it will cost us and how the economic times have not changed for the better for Americans since the last “obscene” event. Not that I am surprised. Bush wanted a second $400-million stimulus pack and Pelosi & Co. fought it tooth & nail. Now the nearly TRILLION-dollar stimulus (borrowed from China) is sailing right through. Hmmmm?

No surprise to me, TIME Magazine will celebrate by putting our new Messiah on the cover for his 14th appearance. Yup! Obama has been 14 times… But the media isn’t in the tank for him, according to libTards.

Reagan created “Trickle-Down Economics.” Well, let me introduce you to “Trickle-Up Poverty” courtesy of B. Hussein Obama:

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McCain Palin 2008

It was a teary-eyed Sarah Palin who waved to the crowd in Phoenix last night and is now on her way home to Alaska to split time as Governor and Mom.

The media dissected her without mercy. Brutalized her very existence. The feminist slaughtered, smeared her to the core, never giving her a chance. Degraded her without question and dug deeper into her private life. She was crucified and left gasping.  They were like hungry scavengers  and had so much fun publishing untruths and fabricating stories about her. By the grace of God she withstood the persecution with a smile.

The most unfair actions the Media took was scrutinized her like no other candidate. They covered up any flaws that the Obama might have and he was standing for the highest position in the country. It was without question of his character or his association. They covered it up with a vengeance. It is no wonder that the Leaders of the enemy of this country were the first to endorse him.

I hope the media can live with what they have done and can sleep at night without any conscience of what they had done.

Now that they have their CHOSEN ONE where they want him, I suppose Obama is ready to sit down for tea with the very people that wants America annihilated.

For Sarah, I wish her well and hopefully she will build enough shield around her should she decide to vie for a high position again. For now, I pray that she will in the future vie for it again. To her and her family, We wish her well. Thank you

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