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American Thinker
November 8, 2008
The Islamist Role in the 2008 Canadian Elections
by Raheel Raza and Tarek Fatah

If you are Canadian and Islamist, you probably voted for the New Democratic Party (NDP), which won 18.2% of the vote on October 14, 2008. This was an increase in of about 1% in the vote and led to seven more seats from the 2006 elections. However, the party could not budge itself from its permanent 4th place in Canada’s parliament. Endorsed by the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC), the left-leaning NDP has shown an incredible lack of understanding of the Islamist agenda and how soft jihadis are using democratic institutions by manipulating our respect for multiculturalism.

As a political ideology, in the long-term Islamism seeks to establish an Islamic state in the North America, but this is barely mentioned by the suave and polished young Islamists who appear in expensive suits and with a flourish of legalese and the right disarming accents. While a Taliban style overthrow is unlikely, in the short term, Islamists hope to fundamentally change western foreign policy in favor of the foreign governments that fund them and organizations they ideologically adhere to, such as the Muslim Brotherhood. Recognizing this threat, Marc Lebuis, who runs “Point de Bascule”, invited moderate Muslims Tarek Fatah, Salim Mansur and me to participate in a conference in Montreal to address the infiltration of Islamists into the Canadian political system, where the first real arena has been the NDP.

The NDP was founded by social democrats, and was originally, as noted by Mansur, a critical opponent of Communism, and a key element in “denying communists in Canada the opportunity to acquire any shred of legitimacy by posing as defenders of the working people.” Today, however, it allows itself to be used by an equally potent ideological enemy, radical Islamism. The working class in the West now includes immigrants, who as ethnic and religious minorities complain of the classic oppression against which the NDP wishes to be a voice of protest.
But, the NDP fails to distinguish between the socio-economic concerns of Muslim immigrants in Canada and the well-funded, ideological organizations that purport to speak for them.
The Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) is one such organization. The President of CIC, Mohammad El-Masry, is notorious for his anti-Semitic statements, his call for Sharia courts in Canada, and agitation for an anti-Israeli foreign policy.
Canadian Muslims mattered in this national election because they were, some argued, a swing vote in certain ridings. El-Masry endorsed the NDP, and encouraged voter registration to bolster it. Jack Layton should have repudiated Elmasry’s support but did not.

Toronto NDP candidate and lawyer, El Farouk Khaki caused a stir recently when he defended a Muslim youth convicted for his involvement in a terrorist camp in Canada. After the judge threw out the youth’s defense that “no real Toronto terrorist group existed because its goals were too fanciful to be achieved,” Khaki stated that if you are Muslim in Canadian courts you will be presumed guilty until proven innocent. He went on to accuse the judge of having an anti-Muslim bias. This plays into the victimhood complex Islamists want Muslims in the West to fall into. Khaki was not chastised by NDP leader Jack Layton or any other party candidate.

In Montreal, the NDP paraded Samira Laouni, as “the first veiled candidate,” in the province. She ran from the riding of Bourassa and made no attempt to hide her support for what she referred to as “real Shariah.” She did not win. Jack Layton should have vetted out NDP candidates who favor Sharia like Laouni, whom Mansur has called a “CIC operative.”

It seems strange that with Canadian forces fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, the same support for Taliban style orthodoxy is allowed in Canada. Besides pro-Sharia politicians like Laouni, Islamists are spreading their message on the street. In Mississauga, Ontario, a woman by the name of Farhat Hashmi runs an Islamic school for girls. Hashmi wears a full niqab (face covering) and encourages young girls to emulate her. She is known for promoting a very conservative Islamic ideology that is based on Wahhabism. She, like other Islamists is in favor of Sharia in Canada.

The results of the Canadian election were an eye-opener because all Muslim candidates from all parties lost, with the exception of Yasmin Ratansi, who for some time has been trying to distance herself from her Muslim identity despite being the first Muslim woman to get elected to the Canadian parliament..

This is a clear indication that because of the incessant and unreasonable demands by Islamists, Canadians punished all Muslims. Most ordinary Canadians, well-meaning and decent folks, are fed up with demands for unreasonable accommodation and are no longer willing to put up with politics disguised as religion in the public sphere. Although Canadians are politically correct and diplomatic in public, the election result shows their true feeling about the trend that Muslims who may have an Islamist agenda are not welcome in Canada. Of course, the usual suspects are already screaming Islamophobia – again.

There is no rampant Islamophobia in Canada – only an attempt at gradual Islamization.
Yasmeen Ratansi was first elected in 2004 but when she sought the nomination of her party, some Imams denounced her as not being Muslim enough because she did not cover her hair and wore skirts. She is currently Chair of the Standing Committee on the Status of women.
In two districts (ridings as they are called in Canada) the Muslim candidates who lost were openly hostile to the Islamist agenda. Wajid Khan in Toronto and Rahim Jaffer in Edmonton. It is rumored that the full force of the Islamist establishment and the mosque structure came out to defeat these two Muslims because they were seen, in the words of one cynic “too good looking to be considered authentic Muslims”.

Elsewhere, a leading supporter of the Islamist causes and past Member of Parliament, Omar Alghabra, was defeated. He has previously condemned Canadian newspapers that called Hamas and Hezbollah “terrorist” organizations, advocated the complete repeal of Canada’s anti-terrorist laws, and supported Sharia law in Ontario. Throughout the urban districts of Canada, many Islamists tried to sneak through but met with thumping defeats. Along with the Islamists, many secular and liberal minded progressive Muslims were also trounced in what may be described as “collateral damage.”

The lesson for all Muslims is written on the wall: If they are unwilling to stand up to the Islamists in their communities and stop the influence of Saudi Arabia and Iran, we will all suffer because of the actions of a few.
Raheel Raza and Tarek Fatah write for Islamist Watch, a project at the Middle East Forum.
Posted on November 17, 2008 at 4:35 PM PST


The Islamist Role in the 2008 Canadian Elections

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Hi everyone!
It would appear at 10.m. Eastern Standard Time in  the U.S. that we have the ass clown Obama as the new president. 
Obama had put enough pixie dust on a majority of American zombies to vote him in as the president. 
The hatred for Bush was too much for McCain to overcome.  Hell! If the Democrats had put Osama bin Laden as their candidate, according to the polling trends we are seeing tonight, they would have still won.
So, we here in the US have to put up with this  clown for the next 4 years.
Anyway, there is a bright side to it:  Lord Obama the Messiah would soon have the US economy booming, ceasefire will be called on all war fronts around the world, the Arabs and the Jews will kiss and make up, Iran will channel their nuclear reactors purely for power generation, he will find a cure for cancer and aids, and Americans will be loved by the rest of the world, and the streets of America will be flowing with milk and honey…. 


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 Politics and the Young Voter

By David D. Shafransky

I am tired of people my age not knowing, or not caring about what is going on in politics and what direction our country is taking.  It is important, and if you don’t care, don’t vote.  For all those who do vote, be smart and realize who you are voting for.  It seems that every young person is voting for Obama these days.  He says he represents “change”, but not all change is good.  The sources of information readily available to young voters are horrifically skewed to the left.  People want change, but some change might not actually be in the best interest of the country in the long run.  Realize what exactly will change if Obama is elected, but do not simply choose Obama because you want change (whatever it is). 

Know who you are voting for; look at both candidates with an unbiased perspective.  One thing I learned in college was that you need to look at people’s actions, not their words.  If you were to line up the two presidential candidates, you would plainly see that one of them has a much larger and more impressive resume.  I want that guy.  That’s not a crazy notion, I mean, we are hiring this guy for the job as president; if you were looking for a new employee and had two potentials lined up, wouldn’t you like to hire the one with the best track record?  Not the one who voted “present” more than half of his career as a senator!

Most of us spend our ignorant little lives playing video games and slacking off.  I say, get educated and vote for the only candidate with the intestinal fortitude and experience to get the job done.  How can a man, who has never put on a U.S. military uniform, be our COMMANDER-in-CHIEF?  How can a community organizer hope to sit down and talk and stand up to heads of other countries both friends and foes?

I am really starting to wonder about you guys now.  How can an intelligent American like you allow this snake charmer to fool you into thinking that he is qualified for this job?  He bribes you by telling you he is going to give you about a thousand dollars back on your taxes a year, he says he is going to provide health care for all and save the environment, but at what price.  He promises things that sound too good to be true, and from my experience this is often the mark of a lie.  He makes it seem like money will fall from the heavens and Iranians, Israelis and Arabs will embrace and peace and love will reign on Earth; just vote Obama.  Notice how he cannot define his plans to make all this happen.  These promises look great on paper, they always do, but who, WHO, can actually do it.  Not OBAMA, who can’t make a decision without consulting his handlers.

 Part 2


If we lose the Iraq war, it will be the single most powerful incentive the Muslim terrorists will have to increase their attacks on us.  They will gain more support from others who hate us, because now they will be seen as the UNDERDOGS WHO DEFEATED THE GIANT!  We cannot allow this to happen.  We cannot stop funding the war; we cannot pull out until our military strategists say so.  Why do you think the Muslims hate Bush and McCain, but they want Obama to win.  They know something that the American public doesn’t.  Maybe Obama really is the terrorist’s Trojan horse.  We already know that he spent almost half his life going to a church with an anti-Semitic pastor who hates America.  How can people believe his innocence?  He wants us to believe during the 20 years he was a part of that church that he never heard one comment of this nature and tone?

You ever wonder why the democrats always aim their campaigns at college students.  College kids generally are easy to mold.  Most have little experience with finance, politics, and how they affect them. 

Even though I am currently not in the $250,000 income bracket, I still believe it is fundamentally wrong to redistribute income the way Obama wants to.  Just try this exercise real fast.  Imagine, you are in college, living off of student loans and cash from your side job.  In school you study really hard and you pass all your tests, and then graduate with a degree.  Now you are working hard in your career, saving and investing your money.  You forego immediate pleasures, so that one day you can reap the benefits of prudence.  Now after years of working towards your goal, you finally make about $300,000 a year.  Would you be okay with the government taking 50% of your income to do with it what they please?  That’s ridiculous because I know firsthand that not everyone they give it to, REALLY needs it.  It is just wrong to take more money from people who make more, because the government feels that you have enough money.  Does anyone else feel that this is wrong?  One day when I make over a million dollars a year, I will not want to give up half of it.  I am a strong believer in giving back to society but it will be by a means that I choose; I want to choose how to spend my money. 

The environment is a big issue, but we need to focus on what we can do to get there right now.  Our dependence on oil needs to end.  Meanwhile we should buy less and less oil from foreign countries especially anti-American oil producing countries. We should offset the shortfall by drilling in our own country.  We need to put more money into researching and developing alternative fuels.   If we end our dependence on foreign oil, we will have cheaper gas, better economies, and more money for research and development of alternative fuels.  That is what I believe the Republicans will do, and the Democrats will not.  Some democrats will argue that even if we start drilling we won’t be able to use the oil for about 10 years.  Did you know, Bush proposed drilling about a decade ago and was shot down by the Democratic run congress?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have that oil now?  Let’s get this thing started for our future, stop being so selfish and impulsive now, plan for the future generations.

One further note about drilling: Annually the average U.S. offshore oil spillage is 6,555 barrels.  Natural oil oozes out of the ocean floor on average 620,500 barrels per year (Source:  U.S. Minerals Management Service, Human Events). Do the math.

 Part 3

Change is a big topic during this election.  One of Obama’s strongest weapons is aligning McCain with Bush.  Stupid people will say that because of Bush 9/11 happened, and the economy went down, unemployment, and hurricane Katrina happened and it is all Bush’s fault.  Let me ask you…if this war was not going on, do you think the economy would still be bad?  It is hard to say, but I would like to think that if we had at least 10 billion more put back into the U.S. a month, a lot of these problems wouldn’t exist.  Therefore, I can conclude, that Bush, himself, did not mess up the economy.  “But he started the war” you might say and I would respond…no, the stupid Arabs who crashed airplanes into our buildings declared war on us; and all you yuppies who don’t stay current on news probably didn’t know that the war had been declared long before that.  Bush may not be a slick talker like Obama and sometimes he speaks as if English is his second language, but one thing you can be sure of is that Bush stands firm on his resolve to do what is best for this country, which automatically makes him unpopular to most people here and abroad.

You want to blame someone for all the unemployment, how about all illegal aliens.  The current unemployment rate is 5%.  Illegal aliens represent about 4-5% of the workforce.  I wonder if anyone has caught on to what I am trying to say.

What do you want America to do when it is attacked, give the bad guys a slap on the wrist and say they were bad?  No, we got so tired of the garbage coming out of that side of the world; we just couldn’t take it anymore.  Nobody is going to come into my neighborhood and kill my people and be allowed to continue on.  We are there (Iraq) with a purpose, and we will fix this problem so that my grandchildren don’t have to deal with this nonsense.

You know what sickens me the most about Democrats.  They are complainers by nature.  They want hand outs from the government when most of them don’t need it, and they want to throw their liberal opinions in wherever they can.  The worst examples are pea-brained Hollywood pretty boys and girls.  These people feel so guilty that they make so much money by standing in front of a camera and spewing a few lines.  They now want to give real meaning in their life and erase their guilt so they become advocates for all kinds of causes, but the one that helps them break out of their guilt the most seems to be the liberal party.    

Anyone who votes for Obama, because he is black is as much of a racist bigot as the guy who votes against him simply because he is black.  It is impossible to have a politician who doesn’t lie.  You cannot please everyone, and people will say whatever needs to be said to get your vote.  You want my advice?  Pick the liar with the best resume.

Watch real news, not the liberal left wing biased stations which are comparable to Hitler’s propaganda back in World War 2.  Watch FOX NEWS, they will always give both sides of the story.  Don’t be lead by the liberal media, be smart, and make your own decision.



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